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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

X-Men Origin New Movie 2009 dan 25 tokoh X-Men paling keren

Kamaren jumat baru aja nonton X-Man di XXI taman anggrek sebagai rangkaian acara weekend gue yang selalu menarik setiap minggunya. Wanna Join?? ^^V
About watching the cinema pilihan gue jatuh pada X-Man Origin "Wolverine" here is the sinopsis :
Xmen Origin : Wolverine adalah film superhero terbaru dari Marvel Comics Di release pada tanggal 1 Mei 2009 di united states ( di indonesia juga, karena saya menonton film ini pada tanggal 1 mei ). Di sutradarai oleh Gavin Hood dan dibintangi Hugh Jackman sebagai Wolverine. Ini adalah prequel dari X-Men film trilogy dengan setting 10 tahun sebelum X-Men film trilogy.
Jalan cerita film ini berpusat pada kekerasan yang pernah dilakukan Wolverine dan teamnya yang bernama Team X. Terjadi sebelum dia disuntik dengan cairan adamantium sehingga mengubah dirinya menjadi Mutant yang sangat kuat.
Film ini mengupas sisi kemanusian Wolverine sebagai mutant yang juga memiliki sisi manusia yang ingin memiliki orang yang menyayanginya, juga memiliki rasa belas kasihan. Tetapi semua itu dirusak oleh keangkuhan manusia yang selalu haus akan kekuasaan yaitu Kolonel William Stryker dan permasalahan dengan saudara tirinya Victor Creed (Liev Schreiber).

Rating saya untuk film ini sih 6.5 from 10. Filmnya tidak jelek, tetapi karena sudah menonton X-Men film trilogy mungkin ekspetasinya jadi agak lebih tinggi. Tapi kalo dibandingkan dengan Dragon Ball, atau Race to The Witch Mountain, film ini masih jauh lebih bagus. Kelihatan film profesional ala Holywood. hehehehe...

Kemudian waktu sedang browsing-browsing tentang X-man, saya ketemu dengan 25 tokoh Xman paling populer silahkan dicek dibawah :
Jagoanku di Xman itu Gambit yang keren banget... Sayang di film yang kemaren gambit gak maksimal...
Terus Storm, suka banget kalo dia mulai bad mood dan kemudian cuaca berubah, dia keren banget. Yang aku agak sebel tuh waktu nonton X-Men film trilogy dia gak gitu maksimal kekuatannya. Pengen banget liat dia diadu sama Jeanne Grey ato si Phoenix. Di 25 top Xmen dia urutan ke 8...
Dan yang gak kalah kerennya si Phoenix, waktu di X-Men 3 bener-bener keren dia. Dan yang paling hebat dia memilih untuk mati sebagai manusia daripada hidup sebagai dewa... dia ada diurutan ke 6.

Jagoan kalian yang mana?? Kasih tau aku ya... mau liat siapa Xman paling banyak penggemar hehehe....

#25 Strong Guy
First Appearance: New Mutants #29
Powers: Absorbs kinetic energy and re-channels it into physical strength.

Strong Guy isn't your typical Xer. He isn't devoted to Xavier's dream. Heck, it's hard to be certain he even understands Xavier's dream. But his personality makes up for his lack of devotion to the Church of X. Guido's not the smartest, but he is subtly one of the most noblest of X-Men. He's secondary job as bodyguard filters into the way he acts in X-Factor. He's a protector, the one guy you can expect to have your back. And he's funny as they get. And among the X-Men, they rarely get very funny.

#24 Chamber
First Appearance: Generation X #1
Powers: Psionic energy discharge of a concussive or explosive nature, low-level telepathy for short-range communication

Poor Jonothan Starsmore has it rough. His ability allows him to unleash massive amounts of energy - so much so that the energy blew off his chest and lower face. Though this accident has drastically changed Chamber's outlook on life, he was still one of the original members of Generation X. This team of new mutants was viewed as the next wave of Charles Xavier's students. Although Chamber is now powerless and clinging to life because of "M-Day," he was one of the most promising members of Generation X, even being offered a permanent position with the X-Men.

#23 Quicksilver
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #1
Powers: Super-Speed

Son of Magneto, Quicksilver was originally a bad guy. Both he and his sister Wanda were members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Being bad just didn't suit Pietro's nature. Though he's selfish, brash, impulsive and, let's face it, a jerk, he also knows right from wrong. He spent considerable time with X-Factor and though he never quite felt at home with the X-Men, he understood the faults in his own father's ideology. Quicksilver is the rare mutant to serve on an X-team and the Avengers. He may have gone astray of late, but for much of his life in comics, Quicksilver was the shining example of a villain turned good.

#22 Psylocke
First Appearance: New Mutants Annual #2
Powers: Psionic blades, telekinesis, telepathic immunity

Betsy Braddock began her career as somewhat of a joke. A stuck up English telepath, she had no place as an X-Man. Then came the change. In a somewhat inexplicable comic-book moment, Betsy's consciousness was merged with another to create the Psylocke we know today. She is, as can best be described, a psionic assassin, though she is reluctant to kill. She's the new age Rogue, a character given a new twist by merging memories and powers with another. Psylocke is a born leader and, in fact, briefly lead the X-Men. She may not have Wolverine's combat skills, but her other abilities make her one of the most potent fighters to ever wear the X.

#21 Emma Frost
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #129
Powers: Telepathy, diamond-coated skin, being a bitch

In many ways a twisted version of Professor X, Emma Frost has raised and taught young mutants ever since her days in the Hellfire Club. In the Hellfire Club, Frost raised a young team of villains named the Hellions. After the team was slaughtered by Sentinels, Emma joined Xavier's cause and, with Banshee, was the leader and mentor of Generation X. Since she began her tenure with the X-Men, Frost has been involved in both telepathic and physical relationship with Cyclops, and has elevated herself to co-leader of the school. Although it was recently revealed that she might be a sleeper agent for something very sinister, there is no doubt that Emma desires, on some level, to achieve Xavier's dream.

#20 Madrox
First Appearance: Giant-Size Fantastic Four #4
Powers: Create a seemingly infinite number of duplicates

Multiplicity itself doesn't make for an interesting character. But Madrox is about as complex as they get. His dupes each carry a piece of Jamie's personality, but Madrox never knows what part of his personality that might be upon creation. Every time he spawns a dupe, he's just as likely to find something surprising and good about himself, as he is to be face to face with his inner demons. Invited to be an X-Man, he wisely declined. It's not that he is opposed to Xavier's dream, it's that his own persona is better fit to the fringes, with a group like X-Factor. Jamie has grown into a leadership role, investigating mutant-related crimes and doing the dirty work often overlooked by the X-Men.

#19 Banshee
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #28
Powers: Powerful voice capable of a variety of attacks, also allows Banshee to fly

Banshee has been associated with the X-Men for almost as long as the group has been in existence. A born leader, Banshee never truly had the opportunity to shine with Xavier's crew. He was co-headmaster of the Emma Frost's Massachusetts Academy, where he attempted to play the Xavier role and teach young mutants the value of "The Dream." Banshee was always one step removed from the original X-Men and seemed to be constantly trying to prove himself. He did so, even before sacrificing himself in an attempt save the lives of innocents.

#18 Blink (AOA)
First Appearance: X-Men Alpha
Powers: Creates portals that teleport her and anyone who enters to locations as far as the moon

The original Blink was a shy, almost forgettable girl. But in the Age of Apocalypse, we met an alternate version of Blink, one hardened by Apocalypse's genocidal war. Clarice is a tough young woman, who can be very creative with her powers. The young elf's loyalty and devotion to Sabretooth, a man who saved her from Dark Beast, is as strong as any bond in the X-Men Universe. Blink would go on to become leader of the Exiles. She remains the most popular X-Man to never earn a starring role in either of the premier X-Men books.

#17 Bishop
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #282
Powers: Absorb and re-cast almost all forms of energy, including psionic attacks

Warnings of future peril have been common across the X-Men's timeline, but Bishop's arrival propelled the X-Universe forward for years. Coming from a future where the X-Men were dead, betrayed, supposedly, by Gambit, Bishop had greater regard and reverence for Xavier's dream than almost any other X-Man before or since. Bishop was integral in the Age of Apocalypse storyline and in the unfortunate Onslaught arc. While his knowledge of a potential future carries a strong warning for today's X-Men, he is proof that even in the most dire conditions, the Dream will live on.

#16 Havok
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #58
Powers: Absorb and fire plasma energy

As brother of X-Man mainstay Scott Summers, Alex has struggled to find his place in the X-Universe. Always second fiddle to his brother, Havok has bounced from group to group, searching for the one place he fits in. Just as Cyclops strives to earn Xavier's approval, Havok seeks the approval of his own brother. He believes in the dream, though not necessarily Xavier's and Cyclops' methods. But if and when the final battle does come, Havok will stand beside the X-Men, no matter what.

#15 Cable
First Appearance (as Cable): New Mutants #87
Powers: Telekinesis, telepathy, grossly disproportioned anatomy

Initially, Cable was little more than an over-muscled, gun-toting thug with a glowing eye. Over time, the character has evolved into one of the more interesting, if underappreciated, X-Men. Son of Scott Summers and Madelyne Prior, Cable was raised in an alternate future, where Apocalypse rules. The time-displaced mutant could be the most powerful on the planet, if the majority of his telekinetic skills were not focused on keeping his cybernetic body from falling apart. Cable lives on the fringes of the X-Universe, but he's an integral part of the X-Men's past and future.

#14 Iceman
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #1
Powers: Can lower his own body temperature and free moisture around himself allowing for a multitude of creative applications

Bobby is the kid brother who never thought he could live up to expectations, so he didn't bother. Believe it or not, Iceman is one of the rare Omega mutants, a being potentially more powerful than Magneto or Xavier. This potential, however, may never be reached, because Bobby has little faith in himself. Despite his own personal issues, Iceman has been an X-Man almost his entire life. As with the best students, Bobby's time at Xavier's is about more than just The Dream -- it's about his own personal journey, one that sees him continuing to learn and grow.

#13 Magneto
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #1
Powers: Near-complete control over electromagnetic spectrum with mastery so fine he can actually redirect the flow of iron in someone's brain to effectively alter their mind

Magneto is Xavier's perfect foil. Yet he has also been one of the most compelling X-Men of all time. After surrendering himself to authorities and being acquitted of his crimes, Magneto took over Xavier's school for a brief period. It is only through the contrast from his malevolent actions that Magneto's good side can shine so brightly. For all of the "bad guys" who have converted to the X-Men, Magneto remains the true test to Xavier's Dream. When Magneto is finally swayed, The Dream can truly thrive.

#12 Sabretooth (AOA)
First Appearance: X-Men Alpha
Powers: Healing factor, claws and fangs that can rend bone, heightened senses

The 616 Sabretooth is a bastard. He's evil down to his core. So when we first met the Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth, it was a bit of a shock. This alternate world Victor Creed is still a bad ass, but he's also a devoted X-Man and surrogate father to Blink. Sabretooth's willingness to sacrifice himself for others and his countless heroics in the Age of Apocalypse, earned him a spot in the X-Men Hall of Fame.

#11 Archangel
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #1
Powers: Winged flight, heal others

One of the original X-Men, Warren Worthington has not had an easy life. Born into wealth, he was also saddled with a mutation almost impossible to hide. His wings, as the best mutations tend to be, are both blessing and curse. Archangel follows the heroic arc of champion who falls from grace only to rise again, better than before. After his wings were removed, Angel faked his own death and became one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse. He has since returned to the side of good and once again become on of the mutant population's most visible members.

#10 Colossus
First Appearance: Giant-Size X-Men #1
Powers: Transmute flesh into organic steel, making him nearly invulnerable and providing super-strength

For most, the X-Men is an extended family. It figures that with few internal conflicts for Piotr within the X-Men, it's his biological family that causes so much trouble. Insanity runs through the Rasputin's, as does premature death. Faced with repeated tragedy, Colossus continues to maintain a positive outlook on life. He is the perfect contrast. In battle, he is the strongest X-Man, a brute force few can withstand. In private, he is a sensitive artist, deeply in love with Kitty Pryde.

#9 Beast
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #1
Powers: Enhanced strength, incredible agility, prehensile feet

Hank is an original member of the X-Men and it would seem he'll be the very last to ever leave the mansion. He spends his days more often in the lab than in the trenches, but that makes him no less an X-Man. He is devoted to The Dream and firmly believes that man and mutant should live side by side as brothers. Hank has struggled with his animal form. He is, ironically, one of the most human of the X-Man, taking the opinions of others to heart. He shuts himself out from the world, often even from his teammates, to work in the lab and avoid the possibility of rejection for his looks. When the world can accept Henry McCoy, the X-Men will have succeeded in their mission.

#8 Storm
First Appearance: Giant-Size X-Men #1
Powers: Near total control of the weather, flight on gusts of wind

Few characters in the history of comics have seen as many in-continuity changes as Ororo Monroe. She is Goddess and warrior, friend and elitist, leader and loner. These contradictions are born from Ororo. They are not troubles merely sprung on by desperate writers. Storm is a character fighting who she once was (a frightened thief), who she thought she was (infallible goddess) and who she must become (an unwavering leader). Though Cyclops may be the default leader of the X-Men, in particular because of his allegiance to The Dream, Storm is the better choice to be in charge.

#7 Nightcrawler
First Appearance: Giant-Size X-Men #1
Powers: Enhanced agility, nightvision, teleportation, prehensile tail

Faith should have a prominent role in Xavier's Dream. However, almost all of the faith-based concerns fall on the shoulders of Nightcrawler. Deeply religious, Nightcrawler is feared and hated for his devilish appearance (and German accent). Oddly enough, he seems to receive more venom from religious zealots than most X-Men simply because of the way he looks. Religion is one of the few commonalities that could bring mutants and humans together and it is through his fait that Nightcrawler has stayed true to the X-Men for so long.

#6 Jean Grey
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #1
Powers: Telekinesis, Telepathy

Jean Grey is host to the most powerful entity in the universe. One of the original X-Men, Jean has become the symbol (and cruel joke) of death and rebirth among the mutant population. Partnered with the Phoenix Force, Jean has returned to the X-Men on several occasions. However, it's her first death that remains both memorable and significant to X-Men lore. Jean sacrificed herself, choosing to die as a human than live as a God. In a universe where self-worth is almost exclusive judged on power level, Jean held her humanity so dear she was willing to give up everything she loved. The strong-willed redhead is an integral part of the X-Men's legacy.

#5 Rogue
First Appearance: Avengers Annual #10
Powers: Absorb powers and memory through skin contact, flight

Rogue is the perfect example of why the Xavier Institute must exist. Any skin-to-skin contact causes Rogue to absorb the powers and memories of whomever she touches. Though Xavier's school never taught Rogue how to control her powers, it has helped teach her to deal with a world she can never truly touch. Long ago, Rogue was a villain, who absorbed Ms. Marvel's powers before being brought to the X-Men by her surrogate mother, Mystique. She's grown to become a vital member of the X-Men and proof that Xavier's methods can work and are, in fact, necessary.

#4 Wolverine
First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #180
Powers: Healing factor, six adamantium claws capable of cutting through almost any material, heightened senses, immobilizing cigar breath

Though he may have become oversaturated, Wolverine is no less one of the greatest of all X-Men. Logan is a loner by nature and a man fighting to keep his animal instincts from controlling his actions. He argues regularly with his fellow X-Men and leaves the team often to pursue his own personal agenda. Yet his support of the X-Men rarely, if ever, wavers. He may not be a team player, but Logan has the best interests of the X-Men at heart. Despite his wandering ways, Wolverine has been one of the most reliable X-Men over the years.

#3 Kitty Pryde
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #129
Powers: Phasing

Most mutants come to Xavier's having experienced great trauma and difficulty in their youth. Kitty arrived as an innocent with the seemingly innocuous power to turn intangible. She is the mutant everyman, the common girl turned superhero. Marvel has attempted to replicate Kitty Pryde on several occasions, most notably with Jubilee, but there's something special about Kitty that puts her above the rest. She's strong-willed, creative and fiercely loyal. Just as her pet dragon, Lockheed, became instantly attached to Kitty, we were hooked early on. Who could have guessed long ago that she would become one of the most endearing characters in the X-Men Universe?

#2 Professor X
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #1
Powers: The world's most powerful telepath (currently de-powered)

It's Xavier's Dream the X-Men follow. Without Xavier, there would be no X-Men and no unified opposition to Magneto. He is, to put it bluntly, a prophet of the new age. His students, his followers, may interpret the meaning of his words and dream differently, but Xavier's core belief has remained intact through an entire generation of mutants. The Dream has grown to outpace the man. Xavier has lost faith in himself several times, abandoning his team for sometimes selfish reasons. While that can be acceptable for followers, a man like Xavier must maintain a strong front and never walk away from his children.

#1 Cyclops
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #1
Powers: High-intensity, continuous optic blast

The student has become greater than the master. That's the nature of the world and so to is it with the X-Men Universe as Scott Summers has surpassed Xavier to become the greatest X-Man. A heavy burden was placed on his shoulders as a young man. He was chosen to lead a team of mutants on a crusade that would likely determine Homo Superior's place in the world.

He's lost two wives, reunited with his space pirate father, discovered two lost brothers, fought beside both a son and daughter from alternate futures, and defended The Dream as a knight might protect the Holy Grail. Through all of this, he's still standing.


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